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One of the best ways to increase the value and energy-efficiency of your residential or commercial property is solar roofing. This statement is especially true if you own a property in Columbus, Ohio. Many Columbus property owners believe that solar roof panels aren’t as effective in Ohio, but that is definitely not the case. Ohio actually has 30% more sunshine per year than Germany, a world leader in solar energy.

If you are looking into a solar panel installation in Columbus, there is no better choice than Lifetime Quality Solar. With the help of our expert installation team, and can use your roof to harness the power of the sun and save money on energy costs. Plus, our solar roofing solution practically pays for itself over time.

Efficient Solar Roof Panels in Columbus

When it comes to solar roofing in Columbus, there is really only one company that is perfect for the job. Thanks to Lifetime Quality Solar, you will be able to maximize your energy savings with a solar roof system that is built to last:

  • Full Solar Roof System: Our solar roof systems are custom-made to fit your existing roof and maximize performance.
  • Solar Panels: We carry quality solar roof panels from some of the industry’s top brands like Jinko and LG.
  • Solar Inverters: With our high-quality solar inverters, you will be able to get the most out of your solar panel roof.
  • Roof Racking System: Our roof racking systems are designed to keep your solar panels in place, even during extreme weather.

Professional Solar Roof Installation Contractors in Columbus

With the help of Lifetime Quality Solar, you can go solar without replacing your entire roof. Here’s why you should trust our team for your upcoming solar roof installation in Columbus:

  • Our solar roofing contractors will do a full assessment of your roof before we get started.
  • All of the design and planning is done by expert solar roof installers with 25+ years of experience.

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With Lifetime Quality Solar by your side, you will be able to increase the value and energy-efficiency of your Columbus property with a quality solar roofing system. Call our Columbus solar experts today to learn more about our solar roofing systems.

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