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    Columbus Commercial Solar Installation

    Upgrading your business to solar power lowers your energy costs and reduces your company’s carbon footprint. Lifetime Quality Solar is a Central Ohio commercial solar company that relies on quality products to design and install custom systems that meet your business’ needs at cost-effective prices. Commercial solar panels and commercial solar inverters from the industry’s top brands deliver reliable results backed by some of the best warranties in the business.

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    Get a 26% Federal Tax Credit on Solar Installation

    The government offers attractive incentives to encourage homeowners and businesses to transition to solar power. One such incentive is the federal solar tax credit.

    Attractive Solar Financing Options

    Learn about financing options to save even more on your new solar roof.


    You’ll have total peace of mind knowing an industry-leading warranty covers your solar panels and other elements.

    Does Solar Work In Ohio?

    We hear from many people who think there is not enough sunshine in Ohio for solar panels to really work. This seems to be a common misconception. The winters in Columbus are definitely cloudy, but as a solar system owner I can say that there are plenty of sunny days, even in the winter.

    The fact is, there is plenty of sun in Ohio for solar to work well. There is more sunshine in Ohio than some other places that have lots of solar. Germany is a leader in solar energy use, yet Ohio has 30% more sunshine per year.

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    Our team has the experience to design a system that will meet the needs of your business.

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    As an added bonus, you can take advantage of a 26% federal tax credit by switching to a solar roofing alternative.

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    As a BBB-accredited team, we guarantee that we provide the highest-quality services.

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    For lifetime peace of mind, choose Lifetime! Our experts will be by your side from your initial consultation through the final installation of your solar panels to ensure you get the most value and cost savings.