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Solar Racking System

Solar panels and inverters aren’t the only components that make up your home’s solar energy system; solar racking solutions are another important element. Solar PV racking fixes your solar panels to the roof, the ground, or other surfaces.

The racking solutions you choose are just as important as the other features of your system, so Lifetime Quality Solar uses options from top-rated Unirac, such as:

  • SOLARMOUNT: Benefits of this racking option include an attractive aesthetic that won’t detract from your home’s curb appeal, fast installation, and an industry-leading 25-year warranty.
  • ROOFMOUNT: Versatile spacing and tilt options allow for up to 33% more modules on a roof. Since the system doesn’t require fire skirts or wind deflectors, it provides a streamlined finish.

Unirac is the country’s top solar PV mounting system manufacturer, and their products are fairly priced, customizable, and durable. They’re also proven, having been installed on more than a million homes!

Expert Solar Racking Installation

Whether you’re installing solar racking systems for the first time or upgrading an existing system, quality counts. The solar panel mounting racks are the foundation of your system, so proper installation is a must.

Lifetime Quality Solar ensures the work is done right by putting highly trained professionals on the job. We provide flawless workmanship, and we stand behind our work, so you can count on us long after the project is complete.

In addition to professional solar installation, we also provide:

  • Free Consultations
  • Custom-Designed Systems
  • Competitive Prices
  • Education about Solar Power, Tax Incentives, and More
  • Courteous Service
  • Fast Project Completions
  • Impressive Warranties

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If you’ve been thinking about updating to solar power, talk to the professionals at Lifetime Quality Solar first. We make it easy and affordable to make the transition. Call today to learn more about our racking systems and other quality solar products, financing options, and more. You can also get in touch by filling out our online form to request a consultation.

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    Get a 26% Federal Tax Credit on Solar Installation

    The government offers attractive incentives to encourage homeowners and businesses to transition to solar power. One such incentive is the federal solar tax credit.


    Get a 26% Federal Tax Credit on Solar Installation

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